8th Aug 1918: ‘The Black Day of the German Army’ in the Great War

Map AmiensThe great Amiens 1918 offensive saw the Allied forces on the Western Front make the decisive breakthrough that would ultimately lead to the German surrender and the signing of the Armistice 100 days later. Spearheaded by the Australian and Canadian forces in the centre and supported by the British and French on both flanks, the success on what General Ludendorff would call ‘the Black Day of the German Army’ was put down to secrecy & planning, integration between all the various fighting and support units, the fighting spirit of the attackers, tanks, plus a little bit of luck with the early morning mist that helped to conceal the early stages of the advance. The German Army lost 30,000 men that day, about half having surrendered, and never recovered from this point.

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