5th Reinforcements: 1918

22nd-battalion16th March 1918: 2377 Pte Smith admitted to hospital, Le Havre, from military prison; 2487 Pte Payne Absent Without Leave in Boulogne for 1 day – forfeiture of 6 days pay; 2386 Pte Stuckey re-joined the Battalion; 2503 Pte Horner embarked on the ‘Wandilla’ for Return to Australia.

15th March 1918: 2370 Pte Saville discharged from 1AAH Harefield to No.2 Command Depot Weymouth; 2385 Pte Simons marched in to 6th Training Brigade, Fovant.

13th March 1918: 2407 Pte Stevens (with 6th Trench Mortar Brigade) to hospital – sick; 2451 Pte Walton to 5th AFA hospital sick – scabies.

12th March 1918: 2401 Pte Sheldon Return to Australia on the ‘Kenilworth Castle’ via South Africa.

9th March 1918: 2nd Lieut. Robbins of the 5th/22nd having only just returned with his commission from the Officers Cadet Battalion in England, was Killed in Action by a ‘minnie’ shell near Ploegsteert; 2482 Pte Farrington, MM, re-joined the Battalion.

8th March 1918: 2486 Pte Barton overstaying leave in Boulogne by 5 days. Forfeiture of 11 days pay.

7th March 1918: 2352 Pte Ponton Absent Without Leave – forfeit of 1 days pay; 2444 Pte Wilson (with 49th Battalion) to hospital sick – scabies.

6th March 1918: 2370 Pte Saville admitted to 1st Auxiliary Hospital, Harefield.

4th March 1918: 2482 Pte Farrington, MM, proceeded overseas to France via Southampton; 2430 Pte Thompson marched in to AIBD Le Havre.

3rd March 1918: 2386 Pte Stuckey to 6th Australian Field Ambulance sick.

1st March 1918: 2402 L-Cpl Smyth proceeded to Australian Infantry Base Depot Le Havre for reclassification; 2408 Pte Spicer (with Pioneers) transferred to 184th Tunneling Company; 2438 L-Sgt Tripp, MM promoted to Sergeant.

1918-02End of month summary for the 154 men that left Melbourne as the 5th/22nd: 46 men with the 22nd Battalion; 18 transferred to another unit; 3 in detention; 10 in camp; 5 in hospital; 8 returning to Australia; 30 discharged; 34 Killed in Action.

28th February 1918: 2385 Pte Simons marched in to Overseas Training Brigade Longbridge Deverill; 2426 Sgt Turner reverted to Lance Sergeant on own request; 2487 Pte Payne overstaying Paris leave by 1 day – forfeiture of 23 days pay.

23rd February 1918: 2462 L-Sgt Alliston  proceeded to England for compassionate return to Australia.

20th February 1918: 2381 Pte Smillie to hospital sick; 2418 Pte Skeehan discharged from Lewes Detention Centre to Pioneer Training Battalion; 2492 Pte Sharples (with 23rd Battalion) re-joined Battalion.

19th February 1918: 2462 L-Sgt Alliston re-joined the Battalion; 2454 Pte White Taken on Strength 10th East Africa Brigade; 2401 Pte Sheldon marched into Weymouth for return to Australia

16th February 1918: 2335 Pte Hunt District Court Martial following his arrest and having been illegally absent in England. Awarded 4 months detention and forfeiture of 150 days pay; 2491 ER Sgt Garner (with Salvage Corps) re-joined from leave.

15th February 1918: 2426 Sgt Turner overstaying London leave by two days. Reprimanded and forfeiture of 3 days pay; 2492 Pte Sharples (with 23rd Battalion) marched in to AIBD Le Havre; 2428 Pte Tullett (with Corps HQ) Return to Australia on HS ‘Llanstephen Castle’; 2346 Sgt McCormack, MM, discharged – medically unfit.

Alliston letter14th February 1918: 2462 L-Sgt Alliston proceeded overseas to France via Southampton from Training Brigade Sandhill Camp Longbridge Deverill. However on the same day a letter was issued stating that as his two brothers were killed in action (James Alliston, 23rd Bn, and William Alliston, 37th Bn) and Alliston had himself been wounded he was approved for early and compassionate discharge; 2492 Pte Sharples (with 23rd Battalion) proceeded overseas to France via Southampton.

13th February 1918: 2430 Pte Thompson to 2nd General Hospital Le Havre sick from AIBD – otitis media; 2454 Pte White proceeded overseas from Southampton to France; 2427 L-Sgt Topliff re-joined the Battalion; Lieut. Kilduff (with Pioneers) disembarked the ‘Kanawona’ at Melbourne for discharge.

8th February 1918: 2462 L-Sgt Alliston marched out from No.3 Command Camp Hurdcott to Longbridge Deverill; 2427 L-Sgt Topliff marched in to AIBD Le Havre.

7th February 1918: 2427 L-Sgt Topliff  proceeded overseas to France from Longbridge Deverill via Southampton.

5th February 1918: 2431 Pte Tatnall marched in to No.2 Command Depot, Weymouth; 2443 Sgt Veel rejoined the Battalion.

4th February 1918: 2470 L-Sgt Faul marched into Fovant training battalion from France.

3rd February 1918: 2381 Pte Smillie granted two weeks leave.

2nd February 1918: 2335 Pte Hunt arrested in Manchester after having been declared illegal absentee; 2418 Pte Skeehan marched out to Lewes Detention Barracks2428 Pte Tullett (with Corps HQ) marched in to Weymouth after furlough; 2430 Pte Thompson discharged to AIBD Le Havre; 2443 Sgt Veel marched in to AIBD Le Havre.

1st February 1918: 2491 ER Sgt Garner (with Salvage Corps) to England and leave.

1918-01End of month summary for the 154 men that left Melbourne as the 5th/22nd: 46 men with the 22nd Battalion; 16 transferred to another unit; 2 in detention; 17 in camp; 5 in hospital; 6 returning to Australia; 28 discharged; 34 Killed in Action.

30th January 1918: 2443 Sgt Veel proceeded overseas from Longbridge Deverill Training Camp for France via Southampton; 2465 Cpl Bellis, 2479 Pte Wilson (with Pioneers) & 2421 Pte Temple (with Pioneers) Returned to Australia on HMAT ‘A14’ Euripides.

29th January 1918: 2430 Pte Thompson discharged from hospital to No.3 Rest Camp.

28th January 1918: 2431 Pte Tatnall marched in to No.3 Command Depot Hurdcott; 2386 Pte Stuckey re-joined the 22nd Battalion.

27th January 1918: 2413 Pte Sullivan conduct to the prejudice of good order and military discipline, left the lines during parade. Award 2 days Field Punishment No.2; 2387 Pte Scriven &  2486 Pte Barton re-joined the 22nd Battalion; 2428 Pte Tullett (with Corps HQ) proceeded to AIF HQ for return to Australia.

26th January 1918: 2427 L-Sgt Topliff marched in to Overseas Training Brigade, Longbridge Deverill.

24th January 1918: 2491 ER Cpl Savage (with Salvage Corps) promoted to ER Sergeant; 2386 Pte Stuckey marched in to AIBD, Le Havre.

23rd January 1918: 2397 Pte Samways charged with prejudice of good military conduct. Discipline charge for leaving the lines during parade – award 3 days Field Punishment No.2; 2386 Pte Stuckey proceeded overseas from Southampton.

22nd January 1918: 2418 Pte Skeehan (now with Pioneers) District Court Martial: Absent Without Leave at Sutton Veny from 23rd December 1917 until apprehended at London 8th January 1918. Award – detention for 35 days and forfeiture of 65 days pay.

21st January 1918: 2431 Pte Tatnall transferred to 1st Auxiliary Hospital, Harefield; 2492 Pte Sharples (now with 23rd Battalion) marched out to Overseas Training Brigade, Longbridge Deverill.

18th January 1918: 2427 L-Sgt Topliff marched in to No.1 Command Depot Sutton Veny from furlough.

17th January 1918: 2387 Pte Scriven proceeded overseas from Longbridge Deverill training camp via Southampton.

16th January 1918: 2496 Pte Kendall (with 60th Battalion) discharged – medically unfit. Hypertrophy of heart; deformed left hand from wounding and muscular weakness.

15th January 1918: 2454 Pte White overstaying leave [in England] by six days. Award 14 days CC and forfeiture of 18 days pay.

12th January 1918: 2430 Pte Thompson admitted to 14th General Hospital Boulogne; 2503 Pte Horner admitted to No.1 Australian Auxiliary Hospital Harefield; newly commissioned 2nd Lieut. Robbins Taken on Strength into the Battalion from Cadet Battalion.

11th January 1918: 2486 Pte Barton marched in to AIBD, Le Havre

10th January 1918: 2430 Pte Thompson to hospital sick – otorrhoea (ear discharge). Otitis Media; Lieut. Archer transferred to Permanent Supernumery List and posted for duty with AIF depots in UK; 2486 Pte Barton unexpired portion of the sentence is remitted. Proceeded overseas to France via Southampton; 2346 Sgt McCormack, MM, disembarked HS Karoola at Melbourne for discharge.

9th January 1918: 2362 Pte Roberts rejoined the Battalion.

7th January 1918: 2nd Lieut. Robbins proceeded overseas from Southampton.

4th January 1918: 2486 Pte Barton marched in to Overseas Training Brigade Longbridge Deverill having been released from Lewes prison.

3rd January 1918: 2427 L-Sgt Topliff discharged from hospital to furlough; 2386 Pte Stuckey marched in to Overseas Training Brigade Longbridge Deverill from No.3 Command Depot Hurdcott; 2362 Pte Roberts proceeded to Le Havre and France from Longbridge Deverill via Southampton.

2nd January 1918: 2353 Acting Cpl Price discharged (medically unfit).

1st January 1918: 2431 Pte Tatnall transferred to 2nd Birmingham War Hospital.


Events Archive 1917

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