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22nd-battalionGreat acts of bravery and heroism were demonstrated by many men of the 22nd Battalion during the Great War. In this section we will list all those recommended for gallantry awards within the Battalion. All three hundred recipients of the Battalion will be honoured with the award published by campaign along with their individual citations to place in context and provide greater insight into the engagement in which they fought.

Gallipoli Awards                              September – December 1915                           

During the Gallipoli campaign thirteen men from the 22nd Battalion were awarded for their gallantry, six of them during the evacuation of the 19th/20th December 1915

Bois Grenier Awards                         April – July 1916

During the Bois Grenier campaign three men from the Battalion were awarded for their bravery, all of them on the successful raid of 29th/30th June 1916

Pozieres & Mouquet Farm Awards  July – August 1916

During the fighting on the Pozieres Heights during the Battle of the Somme, sixty men from the 22nd Battalion were recommended awards for gallantry, including: 3 Distinguished Conduct Medals, 1 Distinguished Service Order, 13 Mention in Despatches, 6 Military Crosses, 35 Military Medals, 1 Serbian Silver Medal, and 1 St. George’s Cross of Russia

Flers Awards                                        November 1916

During the tour of duty to the front-line at Flers during the latter stages of the Battle of the Somme three men from the Battalion were awarded for their bravery

Bapaume Awards                                February 1917

During the pursuit of the retiring German Army to the Hindenburg Line in Spring 1917, four men from the 22nd Battalion were awarded for their gallantry during the attack on Malt Trench outside of Warlencourt, including one French Croix de Guerre.

Bullecourt Awards                              May 1917

During the Second Battle of Bullecourt where the 22nd Battalion suffered heavily when attacking the Hindenburg Line, twenty-seven men from the 22nd Battalion were awarded for their gallantry, plus one in the preceding weeks during a German attack following the First Battle of Bullecourt.

Ypres Awards                                       September 1917 – March 1918

During the 3rd Ypres of Passchendaele campaign forty-nine men from the 22nd Battalion were awarded for their bravery, primarily at Broodesinde in October 1917, including 2 Distinguished Service Orders, 2 Belgium Croix de Guerre, 6 Distinguished Conduct Medals and 1 DCM with Bar, 5 Military Crosses and one MC with Bar, and 31 Military Medals and 1 MM with Bar.

German Spring Offensive Awards  March – April 1918

During the German Spring Offensive of 1918 four men from the 22nd Battalion were awarded for their gallantry during the defensive operations against the German Spring Offensive in 1918, first at La Basse Ville in Flanders and then at Lavieville when the battalion was deployed south and to the Somme.

Morlancourt  May – July 1918

Following the German Spring Offensive the 22nd Battalion remained in the Somme region in the vicinity of Morlancourt where they undertook many successful ‘peaceful penetration’ raids including the large attack at Ville-sur-Ancre when Sgt W.Ruthven won the Victoria Cross. In all forty men were decorated during this period.

100 Days Offensive  August – October 1918

The great advance to victory commenced on the 8th August 1918 at Amiens and for the next two months the Australian Corps pursued the German Army back to the Hindenburg Line and where the 22nd Battalion was engaged in heavy fighting at Beaurevoir, the penultimate day of action by the AIF during the Great War. During this period which included the fruitless attack at Herleville, the victories at Mont St. Quentin and finally Beaurevoir, seventy-eight men from the 22nd Battalion would be awarded for their bravery and gallantry.

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