5th Reinforcements: 1917

22nd-battalion28th April 1917: Following an agreement with the Australian Government back in February to form an AIF 6th Division, while in the Command Depots in England 2352 Pte Ponton, 2481Pte Fenwick, 2487 Pte Payne & 2419 Pte Skeggs were transferred and Taken on Strength to 66th Battalion at Windmill Hill, England; & 2493 L-Cpl Batton, MM, transferred to and Taken on Strength of 67th Battalion, Windmill Hill

27th April 1917: 2479 Pte Wilson marched in to 2ADBD, Etaples.

26th April 1917: 2492 Pte Sharples (now with 23rd Battalion) marched in to 2nd Training Battalion Durrington; 2369 Pte Simkin discharged to Depot; 2377 Pte Smith District Court Martial. Defendant was in confinement on a charge of being absent without leave. Escaped from confinement. Sentenced to 90 days detention (40 days remitted) and forfeiture of 68 days pay; 2386 Pte Stuckey marched in to 2nd ABDB, Etaples.

25th April 1917: 2369 Pte Simkin sick to 16th Field Ambulance Hospital, Wareham; 2492 Pte Sharples (now with 23rd Battalion) disembarked HMAT ‘Ballarat’ at Devonport, Plymouth; 2386 Pte Stuckey proceeded overseas to France; 2403 Pte Salter discharged, Melbourne – medically unfit.

24th April 1917: Lieut. Evans (with 8th Battalion, photograph below) promoted to Captain.

23rd April 1917: 2423 Pte Thomas transferred to 3rd Australian Auxiliary Hospital, Dartford.

21st April 1917: 2479 Pte Wilson admitted to 2nd Convalescence Depot, Rouen; 2493 L-Cpl Batton marched in to No.1 Command Depot, Perham Down.

20th April 1917: 2454 Pte White admitted to Addington Park War Hospital with dysentery; 2349 Pte McCarthy transferred to 1st Auxiliary Hospital, Harefield; 2461 Pte Lamont marched in to No.1 Command Depot Perham Down.

19th April 1917: 2454 Pte White embarked Le Havre on HS Grantully Castle for England with dysentery; 2393 Pte Seccull Absent without Leave  in England – 8 days pay forfeited; 2407 Pte Stevens proceeded overseas to France from Folkestone, following release from detention.

18th April 1917: 2506 Pte Jones sick to Boro Isolation Hospital; 2370 Pte Saville marched into No.2 Command Depot, Weymouth; 2443 Sgt Veel to furlough; 2351 Pte McIntosh & 2389 Actg Cpl Seddon embarked Plymouth for Australia on HS ‘Barambah’.

17th April 1917: 2479 Pte Wilson admitted to 56th CCS hospital – sick (PUO); 2370 Pte Saville overstaying leave in England – forfeit of 2 days pay; 2387 Pte Scriven discharged to Base Details, Etaples

16th April 1917: 2394 Pte Stephens discharged from 3rd Auxiliary Hospital, Dartford, to furlough and then report to No. 3 Command Depot, Hurdcott.

14th April 1917: 2397 Pte Samways, 2406 Pte Saunders & 2452 Pte Wilson marched into No.2 Command Depot, Weymouth from their respective hospitals or camps in England.

13th April 1917: 2439 Pte Trompf marched in to  No.3 Command Depot, Hurdcott.

12th April 1917: 2412 Pte Smith District Court Martial (2nd occasion), Larkhill: Absent without Leave from 10th February to 22nd March 1917. Awarded 6 months detention and forfeiture of 160 days pay; 2353 Act Cpl Price marched out to No.2 depot Weymouth from No.4 depot, Wareham; 2375 Pte Smith & 2464 Pte Bolger disembarked HMAT ‘Ulysses’ at Melbourne for discharge.

11th April 1917: 2427 Cpl Topliff Absent without Leave for 1 day. Reprimanded and forfeiture of 2 days pay.

10th April 1917: 2409 L-Cpl Sparks discharged from hospital and marched in to Training Depot, Perham Down; 2443 Sgt Veel placed on Supernumerary List (absent from Battalion for 3 months).

Evans - P06566.001.JPG9th April 1917: Lieut Evans (with 8th Battalion, photograph right) Mentioned in Dispatches; Lieut Kilduff Taken on Strength 4th Pioneer Battalion; 2506 Pte Jones discharged from hospital and transferred to No.2 Command Depot Weymouth; 2396 Cpl Swift rejoined the Battalion.

8th April 1917: 2389 Actg Cpl Seddon discharged from hospital; 2504 Pte Wakley embarked on HS ‘Barembah’ at Plymouth for Australia.

7th April 1917: 2416 Pte Stevenson Absent without Leave. Awarded 7 days Field Punishment #2 and forfeiture of 8 days pay.

6th April 1917: 2419 Pte Skeggs marched in to Training Depot, Perham Down; 2351 Pte McIntosh moved from Weymouth in preparation for embarkation to Australia; 2334 Pte Goodwin discharged from the AIF, medically unfit.

5th April 1917: 2454 Pte White admitted to hospital with dysentery; 2493 L-Cpl Batton discharged from hospital to furlough; 2504 Pte Wakley marched out of No.2 Command Depot to Weymouth.

4th April 1917: 2469 Pte Edwards sick to hospital (old wound discharging); 2465 Pte Bellis marched in to Draft Depot from No.1 Command Depot, Perham Down; 2487 Pte Payne transferred to 22nd Battalion details at Perham Down.

2nd April 1917: 2506 Pte Jones transferred to 3rd Auxiliary Hospital, Dartford.

1st April 1917: 2491 L-Cpl Garner promoted to Corporal; Lieut Kilduff (with Pioneers) proceeded overseas to France from England.

1917-03.pngEnd of month summary for the 154 men that left Melbourne as the 5th/22nd: 42 men with the 22nd Battalion; 14 transferred to another unit; 2 in detention; 32 in camp; 23 in hospital; 9 returning to Australia; 8 discharged; 25 Killed in Action.

30th March 1917: 2361 Pte Ramsay discharged – medically unfit; 2362 Pte Roberts overstaying leave in London – forfeit of 8 days pay; 2396 Cpl Swift marched in to 2nd ADBD, Etaples.

29th March 1917: 2386 Pte Stuckey marched into No.1 Command Depot Perham Down from Weymouth

26th March 1917: 2444 Pte Wilson Absent without Leave at Perham Down. Award of 7 days Close Confinement plus forfeit of 3 days pay; 2481 Pte Fenwick marched in to No.1 Command Depot Perham Down; 2405 Pte Snowden re-joined Battalion.

25th March 1917: 2426 Pte Turner appointed Lance-Corporal; 2451 Pte Walton & 2482 Pte Farrington re-joined the Battalion.

24th March 1917: 2454 Pte White – Crime: award deprived of 1 days pay; 2455 Pte Ware – Crime: conduct to the prejudice of good order and military discipline in that he had a dirty rifle. Awarded 168 hours Field Punishment No.2

23rd March 1917: 2369 Pte Simkin & 2487 Pte Payne Taken on Strength and transferred to 65th Battalion destined for the newly formed AIF 6th Division2394 Pte Stephens transferred to 3rd Auxiliary Hospital Dartford; 2406 Pte Saunders embarked at Calais on HS Stad Antwerpen for England and admitted to Eastbourne Military Hospital; 2421 Pte Temple marched in to No.2 Command Depot Weymouth

22nd March 1917: 2419 Pte Skeggs discharged from hospital to furlough

20th March 1917: 2439 Pte Trompf marched in to No.1 Command Depot Perham Down; 2469 Pte Edwards marched into Perham Down from hospital.

19th March 1917: 2406 Pte Saunders marched out to hospital – age and debility; 2486 Pte Barton transferred to Parkhouse

18th March 1917: 2460 Pte Bain re-joined Battalion

17th March 1917: 2439 Pte Trompf Absent without Leave for 3 days following leave. Award 7 days Close Confinement and forfeiture of 1 days pay; 2495 Pte Hennessy Return to Australia on HT ‘Bultana’.

16th March 1917: 2391 Cpl Siddell Killed in Action2405 Pte Snowden to hospital sick – defective vision.

15th March 1917: 2351 Pte McIntosh marched into Weymouth from Wareham; 2357 Sgt Robbins admitted 3rd London General Hospital, Wandsworth; 2465 Pte Bellis discharged from Bath Hospital.

14th March 1917: 2357 Sgt Robbins embarked from Rouen for England on Hospital Ship ‘St.David’; 2389 Actg Cpl Seddon admitted to 1st Auxiliary Hospital, Harefield – haemoptysis; 2394 Pte Stephens admitted 3rd London General Hospital, Wandsworth.

13th March 1917: 2394 Pte Stephens embarked on Gloucester Castle at Le Havre for England; 2427 Cpl Topliff marched in to No.1 Command Depot, Perham Down.

12th March 1917: 2421 Pte Temple transferred to 3rd Auxiliary Hospital Dartford; 2431 Pte Tatnall admitted 1st Southern General Hospital Birmingham; 2460 Pte Bain transferred to Divisional Rest Station;  2475 Pte Myers re-joined Battalion (2nd Pioneers).

11th March 1917: 2431 Pte Tatnall embarked on HS Lanfranc – paraplegia.

10th March 1917: 2357 Sgt Robbins admitted to 5th General Hospital, Rouen; 2373 Pte Smith re-joined Battalion (2nd Pioneers); 2460 Pte Bain to Corps Scabies Station in Le Havre sick – scabies.

9th March 1917: 2481 Pte Fenwick discharged from hospital to furlough.

8th March 1917: 2357 Sgt Robbins Wounded in Action – gunshot wound cheek, hand, neck; 2458 Pte Ellis attached to 68th (Aust) Squadron RFC Harlaxton.

6th March 1917: 2394 Pte Stephens transferred to St.Johns Ambulance Etaples; 2409 L-Cpl Sparks transferred to 3rd Auxiliary Hospital Dartford.

5th March 1917: 2394 Pte Stephens Wounded in Action (2nd occasion) shrapnel wound left foot, and admitted to 45th CCS; 2431 Pte Tatnall admitted to 26th General Hospital, Etaples – dorsalis

3rd March 1917: 2386 Pte Stuckey discharged from hospital; 2396 Cpl Swift admitted 51st General Hospital, Etaples; 2486 Pte Barton sick to Bulford Hospital; 2394 Pte Stephens re-joined the Battalion.

2nd March 1917: 2452 Pte Wilson admitted 3rd Australian General Hospital Brighton; 2461 Pte Lamont transferred to 3rd Australian Auxiliary Hospital, Dartford; 2505 Pte Rout discharged from AIF.

1st March 1917: 2346 Temp Sgt McCormack promoted to Sergeant; 2391 L-Cpl Siddell promoted to Corporal; 2452 Pte Wilson embarked from Calais on SS Antwerpen for England; 2nd Lieut. Archer re-joined the Battalion.

1917-02.pngEnd of month summary for the 154 men that left Melbourne as the 5th/22nd: 43 men with the 22nd Battalion; 11 transferred to another unit; 3 in detention; 35 in camp; 23 in hospital; 9 returning to Australia; 7 discharged; 24 Killed in Action.

28th February 1917: 2396 Cpl Swift admitted 45th Casualty Station sick; 2451 Pte Walton proceeded overseas on SS Invictor from Folkestone to France; 2475 Pte Myers attended Lewis Gun School at Le Touquet; 2372 Pte Silver re-joined Battalion from 2nd ADBD and hospital

27th February 1917: 2486 Pte Barton District Court Martial: Absent without leave (from Perham Down) for 10 weeks until apprehended. Award 90 days detention and forfeiture of 199 days pay.

26th February 1917: 2394 Pte Stephens and 2431 Pte Tatnall marched in to 2nd ADBD, Etaples.

mm-military-medal-geov-lge25th February 1917: 2346 Temp Sgt McCormack awarded the Military Medal for his gallantry in leading his platoon under heavy Machine Gun fire at Dinkum Spur near Warlencourt; 2452 Pte Wilson Wounded in Action – gunshot wound left elbow; 2493 L-Cpl Batton embarked at Le Havre on HS Warilda for England; 2394 Pte Stephens proceeding overseas to France on SS Golden Eagle via Folkestone.

23rd February 1917: 2470 L-Cpl Faul promoted to Corporal; 2370 Pte Saville admitted to 1st Auxiliary Hospital, Harefield; 2393 Pte Seccull sick to military hospital Wareham – Synovitis of knee; 2443 Sgt Veel transferred to Barton-on-Sea (convalescent camp); 2427 Cpl Topliff discharged from hospital to furlough.

21st February 1917: 2473 L-Cpl MacDonald discharged from the AIF – medically unfit following wounding at Pozieres.

19th February 1917: 2492 (7367) Pte Sharples departed Melbourne on HMAT Ballarat; 2353 Act. Cpl Price marched out to No.4 depot Wareham from Perham Down; 2406 Pte Saunders marched in to 2nd ADBD, Etaples; 2431 Pte Tatnall discharged to duty.

17th February 1917: 2440 Pte Teichelmann, & 2425 Pte Trigg appointed Lance Corporal; 2369 Pte Simkin marched in to Command Depot No.1, Perham Down.

16th February 1917: 2431 Pte Tatnall to 6th General Hospital – bronchitis; 2463 Pte Baker to hospital, sick; 2451 Pte Walton marched out to No.1 Command Depot, Perham Down; 2395 Pte Sheehey marched into No.2 Command Depot Weymouth from Dartford.

15th February 1917: 2482 Pte Farrington proceeded overseas to France on SS ‘Victoria’ via Folkestone.

14th February 1917: 2328 Sgt Archer to hospital – measles; 2469 Pte Edwards sick to hospital, Tidworth; 2504: Pte Wakley marched into No.2 Command Depot Weymouth from Perham Down.

13th February 1917: 2493 L-Cpl Batton admitted to No.11 Stationary Hospital Rouen; 2397 Pte Samways marched out to Larkhill from hospital; 2495 Pte Hennessy marched in to No.2 Command Depot Weymouth; 2375 Pte Smith & 2464 Pte Bolger embarked from Plymouth to Australia on A38 HMAT Ulysses – lumbago and myalgia (muscle pain); 2360 Pte Ross discharged from AIF – medically unfit.

11th February 1917: Lieut. Evans (with 8th Battalion) rejoined battalion from Instruction School); 2373 Pte Smith (with 2nd Pioneer Battalion) attended Divisional school.

10th February 1917: 2493 L-Cpl Batton, MMWounded in Action (2nd occasion) – Gunshot Wound right shoulder / elbow; 2461 Pte Lamont admitted to 2nd Birmingham War Hospital; 2487 Pte Payne discharged from hospital to No.4 Command Camp, Wareham; 2353 Cpl Price marched into No.1 Command Depot Perham Down from furlough; 2469 Pte Edwards marched into No.1 Command Depot Perham Down from No.2 Command Depot, Weymouth.

9th February 1917: 2461 Pte Lamont embarked on ‘HS Formosa’ from Le Havre.

8th February 1917: 2389 Cpl Seddon admitted to Beaufort War Hospital, Bristol.

7th February 1917: 2389 Cpl Seddon embarked on HS ‘St.Patrick’ for England; 2504 Pte Wakley marched into No.1 Command Depot, Perham Down.

6th February 1917: 2409 Pte Sparks admitted 1st Southern General Hospital, Birmingham; 2479 Pte Wilson re-joined unit (2nd Pioneers).

4th February 1917: 2461 Pte Lamont Wounded in Action – high explosive shrapnel giving multiple wounds right side peppered all over with small superficial wounds; 2409 Pte Sparks embarked Le Havre on HS Formosa for England; 2397 Pte Samways re-admitted to Fargo Hospital, sick.

3rd February 1917: 2374 Pte Schinck transferred to 1st Anzac reinforcements training camp.

2nd February 1917: 2418 Pte Skeehan Absent without Leave 2nd February until apprehended 22nd February – awarded 21 days detention and forfeiture of 52 days pay.

1st February 1917: 2380 Pte Savage appointed Lance-Corporal; 2409 Pte Sparks to hospital sick – septic toe, frost bite feet; 2412 Pte Smith Absent without Leave – awarded 14 days close confinement and forfeiture of 10 days pay.

1917-01End of month summary for the 154 men that left Melbourne as the 5th/22nd: 45 men with the 22nd Battalion; 14 transferred to another unit; 2 in detention; 31 in camp; 26 in hospital; 8 returning to Australia; 5 discharged; 24 Killed in Action.

31st January 1917: 2479 Pte Wilson admitted to hospital – sick (myalgia); 2482 Pte Farrington marched in to Infantry Draft Depot, Perham Down; 2504 Pte Wakley Absent without Leave from Dartford hospital – forfeiture of 8 days pay.

30th January 1917: 2397 Pte Samways marched into 6th Training Brigade, Larkhill from Fargo Hospital. 

29th January 1917: 2335 Pte Hunt Absent without Leave – awarded 120 hours Field Punishment No.2 and forfeiture of 7 days pay.

28th January 1917: 2406 Pte Saunders admitted to 2nd General Hospital, Rouen – influenza; 2377 Pte Smith admitted to hospital sick, England.

27th January 1917: 2431 Pte Tatnall to No. 11 Hospital, Rouen – rheumatic fever.

26th January 1917: 2502 Pte Sharples marched in to recruitment depot, Royal Park.

25th January 1917: 2421 Pte Temple admitted to 36th CCS then transferred to 6th General Hospital Rouen – PUO (trench fever); 2442 Pte Vance marched in to No.2 Command Depot, Weymouth.

24th January 1917: 2399 Pte Sutherland appointed Lance Corporal; 2467 L-Cpl Carter promoted to Corporal; 2491 L-Cpl Garner transferred to 1st Anzac Salvage Corps2502 Pte Sharples released from custody

23rd January 1917: 2398 Pte Strachan and 2414 Pte Sharples rejoined the Battalion.

22nd January 1917: 2506 Pte Jones admitted to Guildford War Hospital sick – cystitis

20th January 1917: 2419 Pte Skeggs embarked on Glenart Castle from Le Havre, and admitted 3rd London General Hospital; 2502 Pte Sharples re-enlisted as Pte 3470 Sharples, 57th Battalion2359 Pte Reynolds rejoined the Battalion.

19th January 1917: 2487 Pte Payne to hospital, mumps.

17th January 1917: 2495 Pte Hennessey discharged from hospital to furlough; 2359 Pte Reynolds marched in to 2nd ADBD, Etaples.

16th January 1917: 2397 Pte Samways sick with influenza to Fargo Hospital from 6th Training Brigade, Larkhill; 2419 Pte Skeggs admitted to 6th General Hospital Rouen; 2487 Pte Payne Absent without Leave – award 48 hours detention and forfeiture of 4 days pay; 2359 Pte Reynolds proceeded overseas France from Folkestone on ‘Princess Clementine’; 2361 Pte Ramsay discharged from No.11 Australian General Hospital; 2502 Pte Sharples approval given for re-enlistment into the Australian army.

15th January 1917: 2414 Pte Sharples to 36th CCS hospital sick – constipation; 2423 Pte Thomas admitted to 3rd London General Hospital, Wandsworth – rheumatism

14th January 1917: 2419 Pte Skeggs Wounded in Action (2nd occasion) – gunshot wound forearm; 2423 Pte Thomas embarked on HS ‘Formosa’ for England

12th January 1917: 2443 Sgt Veel admitted to University War Hospital, Southampton; 2412 Pte Smith Absent without Leave – awarded 168 hours detention and 7 days Close Confinement, plus forfeiture of 11 days pay.

11th January 1917: 2nd Lieut. Archer sick with synovitis of knee. Treated at 6th AFA; 2443 Sgt Veel embarked on HS ‘Formosa’ for England; 2502 Pte Sharples, having been sent back to Australia to serve prison sentence, requests to re-enlist back into AIF.

10th January 1917: 2418 Pte Skeehan marched in to Pioneer Training Battalion, Larkhill.

9th January 1917: 2371 Pte Symons, 2382 Pte Smith, 2460 Pte Bain & 2467 Pte Carter re-joined the Battalion from 2nd ADBD.

8th January 1917: 2443 Sgt Veel admitted to 9th General Hospital Rouen; 2473 Pte MacDonald (back in Australia) Absent without Leave – forfeiture of 2 days pay.

6th January 1917: 2398 L-Cpl Strachan to hospital sick – trench feet; 2437 Pte Thurston marched in to No.4 Command Depot, Wareham.

5th January 1917: 2333 Pte Gibson (with 2nd Pioneer Battalion) Killed in Action; 2385 Pte Simons marched into No.2 Command Depot Weymouth from 4th Southern General Hospital.

4th January 1917: 2473 Pte MacDonald (back in Australia) Absent without Leave – forfeiture of 3 days pay.

3rd January 1917: 2442 Pte Vance charged with Neglecting to Obey an Order and using obscene language to Military Police  – award 120 hours detention.

2nd January 1917: Lieutenant Evans (with 8th Battalion) to School of Instruction; 2439 Pte Trompf admitted Tooting Military Hospital.

1st January 1917: 2nd Lieutenant Kilduff (with Pioneer Training Battalion) promoted to Lieutenant; 2439 Pte Trompf embarked at Rouen on Western Australia for England; 2371 Pte Symons marched in to 2nd ADBD, Etaples.

Events Archive 1916

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