22nd Battalion: Decorations

22nd-battalionEvery man that served in the British Army during the First World War was entitled to three campaign medals: the 1914/15 Star for those served in the earlier stages of the war; the British War Medal, 1914-18; and the Victory Medal. The three medals, affectionately known as Pip, Squeak and Wilfred, are worn together and in the order shown in the photograph below. In addition decorations were awarded for bravery, courage, initiative, devotion to duty and medals_t.jpgleadership, with the Victoria Cross, as today, being the highest and most prestigious award in the British Army.

The following Decorations (Medals and Awards) were awarded to the men of the 22nd Battalion during the First World War, from Gallipoli in 1915 to Beaurevoir and the last engagement by the AIF during the war in October 1918. To read the citation for each of the awards search via the Medal & Awards by campaign on this website, or via the AWM website. Click on each of the medals to learn more about each award.

medal_vc.jpgVictoria Cross (VC)

2nd Lieut. Ruthven, W.



CMG - OL00271.002.JPGMost Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George (CMG)

Lieut-Col. Wiltshire, A.R.L.

the-distinguished-service-order-dso-grv-medal-frontDistinguished Service Order (DSO)

Major Craig, W.B.

Major Matthews, L.W.

Lieut-Col. Smith, R.

Lieut-Col. Wiltshire, A.R.L.

Military Cross.pngMilitary Cross (MC)

Lieut. Abercrombie, P.J.; Capt. Alderson, V.C.; Lieut. Anderson, K.S.; Lieut. Bazeley, E.T.; Lieut. Braithwaite, W.M.; Capt. Bunning, W.H.; Lieut. Burrage, G.T.; Lieut. Chalmers, P.G.; Capt. Cumming, N.D.; Capt. Davis, E.A.; Major Dooley, J.S.; Chaplain Durnford, F.H.; Lieut. Fulton, C.J.; 2nd Lieut. Gawler, F.; Lieut. Gorman, E.; Lieut. Greene, J.P.; Lieut. Harricks, L.W.; Lieut. Howell, F.; Lieut. Hughes, A.; Lieut. Hutton, C.W.; 2nd Lieut. Kellaway, F.G.; 2nd Lieut. Kohn, J.; Lieut. Madden, N.J.; Lieut. McCartin, L.A.; Capt. Millar, T.; Lieut. Paterson, E.E.; Capt. Pedler, L.T.O.; Lieut. Proudfoot, W.M.; Capt. Rodda, H.C.; Lieut. Skene-Smith, A.; Lieut. Smith, H.; Capt. Stewart, I.P.; Lieut. Sutherland, K.; Lieut. Thewlis, E.; Lieut. Wall, H.M.M.; Lieut-Col. Wiltshire, A.R.L.; 2nd Lieut. Yeadon, C.F.

                             Military Cross (MC) with Bar

                                     Lieut. Greene, J.P.; Capt. Stewart, I.P.

DCM.jpgDistinguished Conduct Medal (DCM)

2493 Sgt Batton, R.E.; 553 Coy Sgt Major Blackmore, J.; 123 Sgt Bregenzer, E.R.; 2262 Pte Bunting, W.M.; 4669 Rgmt Sgt Major Cadwell, S.; 342 Coy Sgt Major Carter, T.S.; 2301a Pte Cowan, M.W.; 2272 Sgt Day R.W.; 6334 Pte Driscoll, H.J.; 603 Sgt Good, L.G.A; 4449 L- Sgt Gregory, P.T.; 4131 Sgt Harris, W.C.; 834 Cpl Hayes, H.A.; 989 Pte Horan, F.; 2335 Pte Hunt, O.P.; 37 L-Cpl Kruger, J.; 2347 L-Cpl McFarlane, J.C.; 2043 Pte McKenna, A.; 4162 Sgt Millar, A.; 1807a Sgt Nash, W.; 47 L- Sgt Nugent, E.R.; 223 Pte O’Neill, G.J.; 3914 Sgt Robinson, C.F.; 690 Sgt Speechley, W.G.; 1149 Sgt Stone, R.G.; 2398 Sgt Strachan, T.G.; 936 Pte Warren, W.; 1634 Coy Sgt Major Werrett, R.C.; 1635 Pte Weston, N.D.

                              Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) with Bar

                                      989 Pte Horan, F.

MSM.jpgMeritorious Service Medal (MSM)

803 Sgt Cox, C.F.; 77 Coy Quart. Sgt Cugley J.F.; 242 Pte Day, G.C.; 832 Regt Quart. Sgt Hawkins, R.B.; 1004 Sgt King, J.; 2365 Cpl Richardson, W.C.; 71 Coy Quart. Sgt Younger, S.W.

Military_Medal_(UK).pngMilitary Medal (MM)

548 Pte Adams, J.A.; 4653 Pte Adams, E.H.; 5539 Pte Adams, G.A.; 323 L-Cpl Aimers, W.; 1114 Sgt Armsden, A.; 2460 Pte Bain, D.; 2260 L-Cpl Baker, R.S.; 4357 Pte Baker, H.A.; 4361 Pte Barnes, H.L.; 2493 Sgt Batton, R.E.; 761 L-Cpl Beckwith, S.; 1120 Pte Beggs, L.; 5551 Pte Benson, H.W.; 4980 Pte Binion, A.L.; 117 Cpl Binns, L.T.; 4983 L-Sgt Blatchford, C.; 4984 Pte Bodsworth, L.; 334 Sgt Bridges, B.V.; 2019 Pte Butler, A.; 3803 Pte Cadman, A.L.; 4669 Rgmt Sgt Major Cadwell, S.; 3809 Pte Callaghan, A.B.; 499 Pte Campbell, G.; 1217a L-Cpl Cannard, F.J.; 1025 Cpl Cannon, W.R.; 4670 Pte Carroll, A.; 344 L-Cpl Carter, T.; 1892 L-Cpl Claridge, T.J.; 6052 Pte Coleman, H.M.; 1529 Pte Cook, H.G.; 76 Pte Cornish, P.J.; 2301a Pte Cowan, M.W.; 6055 Pte Crawford, L.; 2272 Sgt Day, R.W.; 710A Pte Devine, J.; 5348 Pte Douglas, J.T.; 1070 Pte Dungey, H.; 589 Pte Dunne, J.F.; 4699 Pte Ellison, J.; 2482 Pte Farrington, H.G.; 1145 Pte Fletcher, F.H.; 1544 Sgt Fraser, W.D.; 6080 Pte Friend, J.C.; 1053 Cpl Frowd, H.G.; 4437 L-Cpl Fry, C.R.; 377 Sgt Gallagher, G.; 4710 Pte Gilchrist, P.J.; 1719a Sgt Gilchrist, S.C.; 160 Pte Gorman, T.; 5017 Sgt Gould, A.W.; 4447 Pte Green, G.; 822 Pte Greenway, F.; 4449 L- Sgt Gregory, P.T.; 1679 L-Cpl Greig, R.C.G.; 5362 Pte Hanks, F.N.; 6093 Pte Hanlon, M.J.; 4133 L-Cpl Harris, F.C.; 610 Sgt Hayes, J.V.; 1159 Cpl Hecker, H.L.; 1146 Pte Hewitsen, J.J.; 1079 Pte Hill, W.P.; 2884a Pte Holloway, G.H.B.; 1058 Sgt Horman, W.J.; 1060 Sgt Hughes, G.C.; 4723 Pte Hughes, W.E.; 401 Pte Hull, O.J.; 1077 Pte Illett, R.; 5890 Pte Jane, R.F.; 1915 Cpl Jinks, M.D.; 1161 Cpl Johns, J.H.; 1737 Pte Jones, F.; 6376 L-Cpl Kaye N.E.; 1920 Pte Kelly, H.; 6837 L-Sgt Kennett, J.S.; 505 L-Cpl Kenyon, G.M.; 1004 Sgt King, J.; 181 L-Cpl Kirby, F.V.; 6109 Pte Konza, A.; 4478 Cpl Lambert, J.; 29 Pte Lambourn, J.F.; 5117 Pte Layburn, W.J.A.; 967 Pte Lindsay, F.; 4531a Pte Lucas, H.R.; 5811 Temp-Cpl Marsh, J.; 1109 Pte Martin, C.; 636 Pte Martin, P.V; 1644 L-Cpl Marum; A.W.; 1980 Sgt Massey, H.V.; 4490 Pte Matthews, W.F.; 1936 Pte McAlpine,A.J.; 6401 L-Cpl McColl, J.P.; 2346 Sgt McCormack, P.T.; 5395 Cpl McDonald, R.; 6862 Pte McKenzie, P.; 1707a Pte McKenzie, G.A.; 2293 Temp-Cpl McMillan, K.; 5056 Pte Merson, H.S.; 78 Sgt Monaghan, G.L.; 646 L-Sgt Moodie, W.S.R.; 641 L-Cpl Moore, V.N.; 2176 Cpl Moore, C.R.; 859 Pte Morey, L.C.; 2300 Sgt Nichols, H.J.; 663 Sgt O’Beirne, J.; 6865 Pte O’Bree, J.T.; 443 Pte O’Connor, W.; 6273 Cpl O’Farrell, J.P.; 1942 L-Cpl Oldfield, O.W.; 520 Cpl O’Neill, L.T.; 224 Pte Parker, T.E.; 5075 Pte Penman, J.I.; 2297 Pte Pinch, A.; 235 Driver Rhodes, A.; 4199 Cpl Riley, T.W.F.; 2488 Pte Robbins, G.; 5818 Pte Rogan, C.G.; 5660 Pte Ross, J.; 680 Sgt Rowden, T.F.; 681 L-Cpl Russell, L.; 2019 Pte Rutter, A.; 1727 L-Cpl Rutter, W.G.; 2403 Pte Salter, W.J; 529 Pte Sands, F.C.; 1779 Cpl Schaefer, P.V; 457 L-Sgt Schammer, W.; 4538 Cpl Schimkovich, E.; 5911 Pte Shields, J.; 1956 Pte Skeoch, H.W.; 1063 Pte Small, H.N.; 1064 Pte Small, W.; 695 Pte Smith, H.; 462 Pte Smith, E.R.; 1043 Pte Smith, S.; 4474 Pte Smith, P.E.; 690 Sgt Speechley, W.G.; 4542 Pte Splatt, V.E.; 1031 Pte Spokes, W.E.; 2394 Pte Stephens, G.E.; 6149 Pte Stevenson, R.; 4791 Pte Stillman, J.; 2398 Sgt Strachan, T.G.; 919 Pte Strain, J.F.; 5686 L-Cpl Strawhorn, L.; 2396 Sgt Swift H.P.; 4558 Pte Taylor, A.V.; 2416 Cpl Thomas, J.A.; 699 L-Sgt Thurlow, P.; 1187 Cpl Tourrier, W.A.; 1627 Sgt Trewartha, C.L.; 2438 L-Cpl Tripp, G.H.R.; 1069 Pte Tucker, C.; 770a Pte Tuddin, W.; 5919 L-Cpl Tytler, S.J.; 6165 Pte Varrie, W.; 3957 Pte Walkerden, R.; 753 Sgt Watkins, E.F.; 5715 Pte Watson, T.; 3969 Sgt Waxman, C.R.; 2483 Pte West, H.; 5431 L-Sgt West, C.G.; 4799 Cpl West, F.S.; 2012a Pte White, A.T.; 285 Pte Williams, P.; 6171 Pte Wilson, C.C.; 5691 Pte Wilton, C.T.; 914 Pte Wood, A.P.; 6166 L-Sgt Woolston, N.F.; 547 Pte Wootton, S.; 2051 Pte Wright, J.; 530 L-Cpl Young, W.J.

Military Medal with Bar

2493 Sgt Batton, R.E.; 117 Cpl Binns, L.T.; 1025 Cpl Cannon,W.R.; 1719a Sgt Gilchrist, S.C.; 160 Pte Gorman, T.; 1707a Pte McKenzie, G.A.; 5056 Pte Merson, H.S.; 646 L-Sgt Moodie, W.S.R.; 6273 Cpl O’Farrell, J.P.; 4799 Cpl West, F.S.; 5691 Pte Wilton, C.T.

Mentioned in Despatches

Lieut. Abercrombie, P.J.; 324 Pte Allan, H.; 774 Sgt Anderson, K.; Lieut. Anderson, K.S.; 760 Pte Blow, C.; 4669 Rgmt Sgt Major Cadwell, S.; 342 Coy Sgt Major Carter, T.S.; Major Crowther, H.A.; 77 Coy Quart. Sgt Cugley, J.F. 2272 Sgt Day, R.W.; 146 Cpl Dickins, R.O.; 588 L-Cpl Dyett, S.C.; 1543 Coy Quart. Sgt Fowler, R.; 1718 Cpl Gibb, P.F.; 398 L-Cpl Heffernan, J.; 410 Coy Quart. Sgt Kay, R.; Major Mackay, N.M.; 201 L-Sgt Mackenzie, T.; 636 Pte Martin, P.V.; Major Matthews, L.W.; Capt. Miles, D.T.; Capt. Millar, T.; 216 Pte Murray, T.J.; Lieut. Penna, R.P.; 230 Rgmt Sgt Major Porter, R.E.; 2105 Sgt Roadknight, L.A.; Capt. Rodda, H.C.; Capt. Roth, L.C.; 2368 Pte Simkin, J.L.; Capt. Slater J.H.; 461 L-Cpl Smart, E.C.; Lieut-Col. Smith, R.; Capt. Stewart, I.P. 699 L-Sgt Thurlow, P.; 1634 Coy Sgt Major Werrett, R.C.; 2nd Lieut. Wicks S.J.; 711 Pte Wilson, W.A.; 6171 Pte Wilson, C.C.; Lieut-Col. Wiltshire, A.R.L.

Foreign Decorations

Ordre_de_Leopold_1_officier.jpgOfficier de L’Ordre de Leopold (Belgium)

Lieut. Col Davis, D.M.




serbian-medalSerbian Silver Medal

1037 Pte Allum, R

335 L-Cpl Bridges, E.C.

1529 Pte Cook, H.G.

cross-of-st-georgeSt. George Cross of Russia

1635 Pte Weston, N.D.



french-croix-de-guerreFrench Croix de Guerre

2151 Sgt. Harwood, J.

Belgian croix2.jpgBelgian Croix de Guerre

6044 Pte Brodie, L.A.

4669 Regt Sgt Major Cadwell, S.

1681 Coy Sgt Major Casteldine, F.R.


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