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22nd-battalionMany of the soldiers that served in the First World War captured their thoughts and experiences in letters to love-ones back at home, as well as in diaries or notebooks while on active service. The following extracts, published on this commemorative website in chronological order 100 years on to the day that they were written, are from men that served in the 22nd Battalion and donated by their families to libraries such as the Australian War Memorial in Canberra and the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne. These extracts help to provide a more personal insight into the events of the Great War alongside the more factual unit diaries and individual service records.

You can read their personal accounts either combined together in chronological order, posted 100 years on to the day that they were written, or as a collection per contributing soldier:-

Letters & Diaries: By Date

Letters & Diaries: By Soldier


Published as ‘news’ 100 years on to the day, follow the 22nd Battalion on the project website and via Facebook and Twitter

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