AWM Last Post Ceremonies

Last Post CeremonyThe first Last Post Ceremony was held at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra on 17th April 2013. It commemorated the service and sacrifice of Private Robert Poate, 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2012.

So began a tradition: the Last Post Ceremony is now held at the Memorial each day at 4.45 pm AEST. Each ceremony follows the same format, but each is a different and very moving occasion. With the daily Last Post Ceremony the Memorial farewells its visitors with a tribute to an Australian named on the Roll of Honour. Each ceremony tells the story behind just one of the more than 102,700 names on the bronze panels that line the walls of the Commemorative Area. It is a testament to the terrible cost of war that it will take nearly 300 years to commemorate every person on the Roll of Honour, and the Memorial is committed to ensuring that each story will eventually be told.

During the Great War 882 men serving with the 22nd Battalion AIF lost their lives, and to date the following have been commemorated at the Last Post Ceremony – click on the links to view the video recording. In addition I have also included two family members, brothers 825 Pte William Pinkerton, killed in action on 25th April 1915 while serving with 5th Battalion above Anzac Cove, and 4755 Pte Walter Pinkerton killed in action on 9th October 1917 with the 23rd Battalion during the Third Ypres offensive. Families wishing to commemorate a fallen relative can request a ceremony by visiting the AWM website and completing the application form.

4974 Pte Alexander Stevensen AMERY (3rd May 2023)

4755 Pte Walter PINKERTON (16th February 2023)

Col Richard LINTON (6th February 2023)

378 Sgt John George GARBELLINI (4th November 2022)

5918 Pte Harold Edwin TREMBATH (13th July 2022)

6787A Pte Edward Benjamin DAHLITZ (30th March 2022)

Capt William McCarthy BRAITHWAITE, MC (21st July 2021)

1564 Pte Joseph Stanley SAXON (31st October 2020)

825 Pte William PINKERTON (12th July 2019)

231 Pte Walter PRICE (30th May 2019)

Lieut Norman John MADDEN (22nd December 2018)

1087 Sgt John Harold SHIELDS (30th October 2018)

5424 Pte Wilson TURTON (16th April 2018)

1082 Cpl Thomas JOHNSON (9th February 2018)

487 L-Cpl Anthony Albert WATSON (26th January 2018)

1679 L-Cpl Robert Charles Gordon GREIG (15th November 2017)

5110 Pte Charles WINNELL (21st February 2017)

2384 Pte Francis SAXON (29th September 2016)

1941 Pte Emmet O’LEARY (17th September 2016)

215 Cpl John James MURPHY (13th May 2016)

61 Sgt Harold WILLIAMSON (2nd February 2016)

Lieut Leo Aloysius McCARTIN, MC (25th November 2015)

2nd Lieut Charles Frederick YEADON (15th July 2015)


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