Commanding Officers

In the following section we learn about the officers who would lead and take command in the Australian Imperial Force between 1914 and 1918. They appear in chronological order as they became engaged with the 22nd Battalion, the 6th Brigade, the 2nd Division or the AIF as a whole. Click on the links to take you to the relevant section.


Comprised 1st Division; 2nd Division; 3rd Division; 4th Division; 5th Division; Australian & New Zealand at Gallipoli

Strength approximately 30,000 men or more

Commanding Officers (click on above link for biographies):-

Major General Sir William Throsby BRIDGES (Killed in Action)

General Sir Alexander John GODLEY

General Sir William Riddell BIRDWOOD

General Sir John MONASH

2nd Division.jpgAustralian 2nd Division

Comprised 5th Brigade; 6th Brigade; 7th Brigade

Strength approximately 10,000-20,000 men

Commanding Officers (click on above link for biographies):-

Lieutenant General James Gordon LEGGE

Brigadier General Sir Nevill Maskelyne SMYTH, VC

Major General Sir Charles ROSENTHAL

6th Brigade 2.png6th Infantry Brigade

Comprised 21st Battalion; 22nd Battalion; 23rd Battalion; 24th Battalion

Strength approximately 2,500-5,000 men

Commanding Officers (click on above link for biographies):-

Colonel Richard LINTON (Died in Action)

Brigadier General Reginald Spencer BROWNE

Major General Sir Charles William GWYNN

Major General Sir John GELLIBRAND

Major General John PATON

Brigadier General James Campbell ROBERTSON

22nd-battalion22nd Battalion

Comprised A Company; B Company; C Company; D Company

Strength approximately 550-1,000 men

Commanding Officers (click on above link for biographies):-

Lieutenant Colonel Richard Armstrong CROUCH

Lieutenant Colonel Ignatius Bertram NORRIS (Killed in Action)

Brigadier General Robert SMITH

Lieutenant Colonel David Manton DAVIS

Lieutenant Colonel Aubrey Roy Liddon WILTSHIRE

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