5th Reinforcements

22nd-battalionThis is one of the main sections of the project where we will be following 100 years on to the day the 154 men of the 5th Reinforcements of the 22nd Battalion as their lives unfold during the Great War. Taken from their individual service records stored within the National Archives of Australia, we will find out when they sailed, where they fought, who died, who was wounded and their journey to and from hospital, who received military honours and in some cases who had a brush with authority! A picture will develop from their service and unit records that tells a story representative of many of the units and brave men from Australia that enlisted in the First World War.

1915: Enlisting; sailing to Egypt; training

1916: Training in Egypt; Bois Grenier; Pozieres & the Somme

1917: Somme winter; the German withdrawal to the Hindenburg Line; Bullecourt; Broodseinde & Ypres

1918: La Basse Ville; German Spring Offensive & Dernancourt; Peaceful Penetration & Ville-sur-Ancre, Morlancourt; 100 Days Offensive to the Beaurevoir Line

1919/20: Charleroi, Belgium; return to Australia


Published as ‘news’ 100 years on to the day, follow the 22nd Battalion on the project website and via Facebook and Twitter

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