11th Aug 1918: After four days Rawlinson’s 4th Army starts to meet stiffer resistance

Foch having been impressed by the progress so far and the success of the French to the south urged a continuation. Field Marshal Haig continued to press the general attack with General Rawlinson’s 4th Army on this the fourth day of the offensive, however he was now having doubts as he expected German reserves to be soon impeding progress here as the attacking forces came across the old trench lines and wire entanglements of the French sector in 1916. As a result his thoughts were now turning to his Third and Fourth Armies further north. The Australian role on the 11th August was for the 1st Division to continue swinging up the flank for the Canadians on the right at Lihons, while the 2nd Division on their left was to straighten the line and complete the objectives of the previous day. The 6th Brigade took over part of the firing line with the 22nd Battalion relieving portions of the 19th & 28th Battalions. Battalion Headquarters was positioned in an old German dug-out in the ravine to the east of the village of Framerville, which contained many interesting German documents left behind.

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