12th May 1917: North-east part of Bullecourt village secure

The next British attempt for the capture of Bullecourt was assisted by the AIF 15th Brigade moving along OG2 and another party of the 58th Battalion moving across open ground. However the 58th had been heavily bombarded in the night leading up to the assault that they had to reinforced by a company of the 59th. The OG2 attack was met with the customary desperate bomb fight between the two sides, with the 60th Battalion providing additional bombing squads, rifle-grenadiers and Lewis gunners. In the attack 186 Germans, trapped in a deep dugout, were taken prisoner. Junction with the 7th Division was made and thus the northeast of the village was secure, though the Germans remained stubbornly in the southwest of the village causing serious losses for the British 91st Brigade. That night the 15th Brigade handed over to the 173rd Brigade of the British 58th Division.

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