29th Oct 1918: German Navy mutinies as Ludendorff orders resumption of the war

Despite having said the war was lost a month earlier, in a sudden change of mind Ludendorff demanded to resume the war. Ordered to launch a final suicidal attack on the British Royal Navy, sailors of the German Navy mutinied at their port of Kiel. Ludendorff is replaced days later by Willhelm Groener

One thought on “29th Oct 1918: German Navy mutinies as Ludendorff orders resumption of the war”

  1. By the last week of October 1918, three of the Central Powers Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire were at least in talks with the Allies about reaching an armistice, while the fourth, Bulgaria, had already concluded one at the end of September. With the end of the war seemingly in sight, the German naval command led by the Admiralty s chief of staff, Reinhardt Scheer decided to launch a last-ditch effort against the British in the North Sea in a desperate attempt to restore the German navy s prestige. In the words of Reinhardt Scheer, chief of staff of the German Admiralty, An honorable battle by the fleet even if it should be a fight to the death will sow the seed of a new German fleet of the future. There can be no future for a fleet fettered by a dishonorable peace. Choosing not to inform the chancellor, Max von Baden, of its plans, the German Admiralty issued the order to leave port on October 28.


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