8th Dec 1917: Aus PM telegraphs London re: concerns over Trotsky’s peace proposal

In light of the recent Russian proposal for peace talks across all fronts, the Australian Prime Minister telegraphed to the Secretary of State for the Colonies: “I am seriously disturbed by the position on the Italian, Russian and Western Fronts and desire to know the views and intentions of the War Cabinet re Trotsky’s peace proposals and prospects on the Western Front and generally. I earnestly hope that His Majesty’s Government will not waver in its resolution to press on at all costs. Though recognising the appalling difficulties…. I am profoundly convinced that to recede one inch from the position taken up and set out by Lloyd George would be absolutely disastrous. Please communicate this telegram to members of the War Cabinet.” Six days later Lloyd George insisted that there could be no true peace for the Allies without reparation.

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