7th May 1917: The 9th Bn & Highlanders interlock to secure Bullecourt left flank

At 3.45am the 20th Brigade of the British 7th Division with the 2nd Gordon Highlanders and the 9th Devon Regiment attacked Bullecourt, supported by the AIF 9th Battalion moving westwards and the twenty-four guns of the Australian field artillery providing enfilade fire. The Highlanders following the barrage seized the trench to the west of Bullecourt and began to bomb along it. At 3.58 the 9th Battalion started their bomb fight along OG1 and at 5.15 linked up with the forward party of the Highlanders. By night fall the flank posts of the Highlanders and the Australians interlocked and the left flank of the Australians was at last secure.

On the night of the 7th May the 2nd Brigade took over the left sector from the 1st Brigade.

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