24th Dec 1918: Medals awarded and married Anzac men bid farewell

Prince of Wales - E04049At 10am HRH The Prince of Wales presented medals to men of the 6th Brigade at Nalinnes in attendance with Lieut-Gen Sir JJ Talbot Hobbs. One Officer and 50 Other Ranks from ‘B’ Company were detailed to attend the parade and for the 22nd Battalion. Eleven men were selected to receive their medals, including RSM Cadwell, CSM Carter, and the two most decorated men from the 5th/22nd, Sgt Strachan, DCM, MM and Sgt Batton, DCM, MM + Bar. Christmas Eve also saw the start of the drafts for home, and a small party of its married original members said an emotional farewell to their old Battalion. On this and each subsequent occasion the Battalion Band played ‘Auld Lang Syne’ and the Colonel shook hands with each man and wished him ‘bon voyage’.

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