1st Oct 1918: Aus 3rd & 5th Divs relieved after final victorious fight

Overnight the enemy decided that any further hold on the tunnel line was hopeless and further resistance melted away. By 10am the 5th Division reported the capture of Joncourt and soon passed it over to the 15th Lancashire Fusiliers of the 32nd Division. By midday the whole of the village of Bony was in Australian hands and that patrols were rapidly approaching Le Catelet village, with the Germans withdrawing their troops, transport and guns up the hills beyond the Beaurevoir Line whereupon they settled and began to shell the Australian outposts heavily such they had to be withdrawn beyond the crest. Just to the south the British IX Corps had sized the Beaurevoir Line east of Joncourt. Meanwhile the northern end of the tunnel had been taken and by nightfall the whole operation had been successfully completed. The three day operation had resulted in the capture of 3,057 prisoners and 35 guns. The way was now open for XIII Corps to pass across the line of the tunnel and swing left to knock the enemy out of the northern continuation of the Hindenburg Line, and for the Australian Corps to push on to the final obstacle in the Hindenburg Line, the Beaurevoir Line. The Australian 3rd & 5th Divisions were by now exhausted from their efforts and were relieved by the 50th Division from the British XIII Corps and the Australian 2nd Division respectively. The two relieved divisions now joined the 1st & 4th Divisions in the welcome rest area to the west and south-west of Amiens, their service in the front line now done.

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