13th Sept 1918: Rawlinson conference discusses attack on the Hindenburg Line system

Hindenburg Line 1General Rawlinson called a conference of his three British 4th Army Corps Commanders – Butler (III), Monash (Australian) and Braithwaite (IX) – at Assevillers to discuss the next series of operations that would take the great Hindenburg Line system comprising the Hindenburg Outpost Line (or Hagricourt Line), the main Hindenburg Line, the support or Le Catelet Line and finally the reserve Beaurevoir Line (map courtesy of the DVA Anzac Portal). The first phase, the taking of the Hindenburg Outpost Line, would be made in conjunction with the British Third Army to the north and the French to the south. The attack would be conducted with just eight Tanks for the Corps on account of the attrition of the previous month, and with no great supply of replacements likely before the end of the month. Although no date for the attack had been yet set, the two Australian Divisions (1st & 4th) needless to say kept pushing their line forward, as they had done throughout the summer, with their highly successful aggressive patrolling or peaceful penetration tactics.

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