27th Aug 1918: 22nd Bn fighting patrols push the line forward

The relief of the 10th & 11th Battalions in the front line was completed at 2am and immediately fighting patrols from the 22nd Battalion went ahead, engaging the enemy wherever found with bomb and bayonet. By dawn the firing line had been advanced by 1,500 yards, during which Cpl Moodie was awarded the DCM, but at the cost to the Battalion of some twenty casualties of whom five were killed in hand to hand fighting in the dark. Amongst those killed was Lieut. Wall, MC, who was held in high esteem by the men. The advance was continued until noon with the 24th Battalion passing through Dompierre and with the 22nd Battalion mopping up. The Battalion Lewis gunners intercepted an attempt to withdraw two German field guns, with the guns captured. The constant advancing was fatiguing, as sleep was a luxury and the strain on the nerves was constant not knowing what lay immediately ahead.

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