4th Aug 1918: Gen. Plumer delivers highest praise to AIF 1st Div as they head south

During a small memorial service held on the fourth anniversary of the beginning of the war, the commander of the British 2nd Army Sir Herbert Plumer asked Major-General Glasgow to bring some of his senior officers and then spoke to them: ”You are leaving my army. I am sorry that I cannot inform you where you are going or what you are about to do. I am sorry to lose you, but I wish you success. You know, gentlemen, that it is not my practice to make eulogistic speeches – there will be plenty of time for that after the war. At the same time I would like to tell you that there is no division, certainly in my army, perhaps the whole of the British Army, which has done more to destroy the morale of the enemy than the 1st Australian Division.”  

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