18th May 1918: Audacious midday raid by 18th Bn Lieut. Irvine on 22nd Bn flank

German machine gun strong post was proving to be troublesome on the flank between the 18th and 22nd Battalions. Intelligence officer Lieut. Irvine of the 18th Battalion suspecting that a night attack would be murderous came up with the plan to take the post in the middle of the day having witnessed most of his own troops garrisoning the front line posts napping during what were now hot sultry days. With 18 men Irvine first walked and then ran to the post without a shot being fired, capturing twenty-two prisoners and a light machine gun, without a casualty. Congratulations were received from above, especially from General Birdwood, with Lieut. Irvine receiving a Bar to the Military Cross.

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