15th Dec 1917: 22nd Bn move forward & into Brigade Reserve near Ploegsteert

The 22nd Battalion left camp at noon and route march for Camp No.2 at Kortepyp close to Ploegsteert via Drancoutre and the nearby Neuve Eglise. They arrived in camp at 2.30pm, with no men falling out. The new camp consisting of huts was in fair repair. The 41st Battalion took over the camp at Kemmel with the 22nd relieving the 42nd Battalion. On arrival at Kortepyp Camp the Battalion became part of the 6th Brigade in Reserve to the 5th & 7th Brigades in the front line from the River Douve to a point near Armentieres. The 6th Brigade was ordered to be prepared to move forward at short notice in case a counter-attack is launched. The officer’s Christmas dinner was held at Kortepyp Camp. Here the Battalion remained for a month, training or working on reserve lines in the morning, with sports in the afternoon.

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