26th Oct 1917: Canadians lead Second Battle of Passchendaele

The Second Battle of Passchendaele began to complete the previous stage and gain a base for the final assault on the village of Passchendaele. The 6th Battalion took part in an attack by the Canadians towards the Keiberg, and despite early success they had to withdraw. The attackers on the southern flank quickly captured Crest Farm and sent patrols beyond the final objective into Passchendaele. The attack on the northern flank again met with exceptional German resistance. The 3rd Canadian Division captured Vapour Farm on the corps boundary, Furst Farm to the west of Meetcheele and the crossroads at Meetcheele but remained short of its objective. In the three subsequent battles in which the Canadians captured Passchendaele the Australian infantry took no part, but supported with artillery and machine gun fire.

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