12th Oct 1917: 22nd Bn arrives at Steenvoorde for two weeks recovery & refitting

The 22nd Battalion left camp at 7am and entrained at Ypres Station for Abeele and marched to Steenvoorde to the billets previously occupied where they remained for the next two weeks. The Companies were now organised as three platoons per company on account of the weak strength of the Battalion, with only about 75 men per company available for the next tour of the front line. Necessary refitting began, with training of the Lewis Gunners, Signallers, Scouts and Observers receiving priority, but also with sports events and concerts. Here Lieut. Miles received his Captaincy, and commissions were granted to CSM Dundas, and Sergeants Bourke, Hutton, Howell and Barker. The list of decorations for work at Ypres was also published [see Medals & Awards].

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