23rd Jan 1917 – 22nd Battalion inspected by Brig-Gen Smyth, VC

The 22nd Battalion was inspected on parade by Maj-Gen Sir NM Smyth, VC, soon to be commanding the AIF 2nd Division. Smyth replaced General Legge who having fallen ill with the flu was relieved of his command and returned to Australia. At the Gallipoli evacuation in December 1915, Smyth was one of the last officers to leave the peninsula. As Major General in command of the AIF 2nd Division he was involved in the pursuit of the Germans to the Hindenburg line, and the capture of Bapaume in the spring of 1917 were followed by the battles of Bullecourt and 3rd Ypres. As a result of his Sudan experience, Smyth was particularly adept in planning highly successful ‘peaceful penetration’ raids on the German trenches.

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