5th/22nd 1918 draft

14th Nov 1918: 2393 Cpl Seccull to 6th AFA sick with influenza; 2482 Pte Farrington, MM, to hospital sick (while on leave).

13th Nov 1918: 2502 Pte Sharples (with 57th Battalion) transferred to 3rd Auxiliary Hospital Dartford

12th Nov 1918: 2364 Pte Roberts to 6th AFA hospital sick

11th Nov 1918: 2394 Pte Stephens, MMAbsent Without Leave [until 5th December 1918]

10th Nov 1918: 2397 Pte Samways Absent Without Leave [until 5th December 1918]

9th Nov 1918: 2396 Sgt Swift, MM, & 2438 Sgt Tripp, MM, both placed on Supernumery List having been away from the Battalion for 3 months.

8th Nov 1918: 2nd Lieut. (2426) Turner promoted to Lieutenant; 2362 Pte Roberts District Court Martial. Sentenced to 130 days detention; 2393 Cpl Seccull returned to the Battalion from leave; 2481 Pte Fenwick marched in to Overseas Training Brigade Longbridge Deverill; 2423 Pte Thomas rejoined the Battalion; 2402 L-Cpl Smyth (with Division) Return to Australia per D32, ‘Gaika’ – haemorrhoids and senility

7th Nov 1918: 2385 Pte Simons discharged from hospital and granted leave, to return to No.4 Command Depot on 22nd November.

6th Nov 1918: 2423 Pte Thomas proceeded overseas to France via Southampton; 2487 Pte Payne admitted to hospital

5th Nov 1918: 2463 Pte Baker (with 6th Trench Mortar Battery) Absent Without Leave – 4 days Field Punishment #2 and forfeit of 4 days pay.

4th Nov 1918: 2422 Pte Thomas proceeded on English leave; 2482 Pte Farrington, MM proceeded on French leave; 2370 Pte Saville discharged.

2nd Nov 1918: 2416 Pte Stevenson (with 2nd Pioneers) marched in to his Unit.

1st Nov 1918: 2413 Pte Sullivan marched in to Overseas Training Brigade, Longbridge Deverill.

10th Aug 1918: 2362 Pte Roberts Absent Without Leave, Longbridge Deverill; 2373 Pte Smith (with Pioneers) to England on leave.

9th Aug 1918: 2423 Pte Thomas transferred to 1st Australian Auxiliary Hospital Harefield

7th Aug 1918: 2454 Pte White (Trench Mortar Brigade) detailed to 4th Army Trench Mortar School.

6th Aug 1918: 2385 Pte Simons transferred to 2nd Stationary Hospital Abbeville; 2413 Pte Sullivan admitted to 2/1 Southern General Hospital Birmingham; 2438 Sgt Tripp, MM admitted Princess Christain Military Hospital Englefield Green (gas poisoning, severe); 2395 Pte Sheehey transferred to No.11 Australian General Hospital. Cardiac problems creating shortness of breath and palpitations; 2422 Pte Thomas re-joined the Unit; 2451 Pte Walton marched into No.2 Command Depot Weymouth

5th Aug 1918: 2487 Pte Payne Field General Court Martial: Desertion from the reserve line near Villers-Bretonneux on 12th July until surrendered to Military Police at Boulogne on 21st July. Sentence life Penal Servitude, commuted to 5 years Penal Servitude; 2413 Pte Sullivan invalided to England on HS Carrisbrook Castle; 2438 Sgt Tripp, MM, invalided to England on HS St. Andrew; 2396 Sgt Swift, MM & 2423 Pte Thomas admitted to Connaught Hospital Aldershot; 2399 L-Cpl Sutherland discharged to No.3 Command Depot Hurdcott; 2412 Pte Smith re-joined the Battalion

4th Aug 1918: 2396 Sgt Swift, MM & 2423 Pte Thomas invalided to England on HS Stad Antwerpen; 2397 Pte Samways to hospital, sick with dysentery.


22nd Jul 1918: 2381 Pte Smillie Died of Wounds; 2480 Pte Gall to hospital sick; 2485 Pte Barr discharged from hospital to furlough.

20th Jul 1918: 2480 Pte Gall detached from duty with AIF Depots and proceeded overseas to France via Folkestone.

19th Jul 1918: 2396 Sgt Swift, MM, admitted to 2nd Stationary Hospital, Abbeville; 2485 Pte Barr transferred to 3rd Auxiliary Hospital Dartford.

18th Jul 1918: 2382 Pte Smith2412 Pte Smith2385 Pte Simons admitted to 5th CCS; 2422 Pte Thomas admitted to 49th CCS; 2451 Pte Walton transferred to 1st Auxiliary Hospital Harefield

17th Jul 1918: 2381 Pte Smillie Wounded in Action – gassed & admitted to 40th CCS; 2382 Pte Smith Wounded in Action (2nd occasion) – gassed; 2385 Pte Simons Wounded in Action – gassed; 2396 Sgt Swift, MM Wounded in Action – gassed, and admitted to 49th CCS;  2412 Pte Smith Wounded in Action (3rd occasion) – gassed; 2422 Pte Thomas Wounded in Action – gassed;  2438 Sgt Tripp, MM, Wounded in Action (2nd occasion) – gassed, and admitted to 5th CCS; 2482 Pte Farrington, MM, Wounded in Action (2nd occasion) – gassed and admitted to 40th CCS, then transferred to Abbeville; 2430 Pte Thompson discharged to No.3 Command Depot Hurdcott;

16th Jul 1918: 2455 L-Sgt Ware promoted to Sergeant.

15th Jul 1918: 2365 Cpl Richardson on leave to Nice; 2399 L-Cpl Sutherland & 2430 Pte Thompson transferred to 3rd Auxiliary Hospital Dartford; 2475 Pte Myers (with Pioneers) discharged and marched in to No.3 Command Depot Hurdcott.

13th Jul 1918: 2393 L-Cpl Seccull & 2398 L-Sgt Strachan re-joined the Battalion.

12th Jul 1918: 2427 Sgt Topliff & 2443 Sgt Veel marched in to No.1 Command Depot Sutton Veny; 2466 Pte Cox (with Pioneers) Absent Without Leave. Awarded 14 days Field Punishment No.2, and forfeiture of 15 days pay.


17th Jun 1918: 2412 Pte Smith Field General Court Martial: Drunkeness. Awarded 28 days Field Punishment No.1 and forfeiture of 33 days pay.

15th Jun 1918: 2369 2394 Pte Stephens admitted to 32nd Stationary Hospital Wimeraux; 2475 Pte Myers (with Pioneers) to 61st CCS – influenza; 2497 Pte Kerr marched in to No.3 Command Depot, Hurdcott.

14th Jun 1918: 2362 Pte Roberts Absent Without Leave, Hurdcott – forfeiture of 22 days pay.

13th Jun 1918: 2497 Pte Kerr transferred to No.1 Australian Auxiliary Hospital Harefield.

12th Jun 1918: 2364 Pte Roberts to hospital sick – boil right thigh; 2394 Pte Stephens admitted to 20th CCS; 2398 L-Sgt Strachan discharged to Unit; 2481 Pte Fenwick discharged to No.3 Command Depot, Hurdcott.

11th Jun 1918: 2394 Pte Stephens Wounded in Action (4th occasion) – gassed; 2414 Pte Sharples discharged to Unit; 2481 Pte Fenwick transferred to 1st Auxiliary Hospital, Harefield; 2338 Pte Hoobin marched in to Sutton Veny after furlough.

9th Jun 1918: 2398 L-Sgt Strachan Wounded in Action – Bullet Wound thigh. Admitted to 5th AFA and transferred to 61th CCS. Also awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal; 2413 Pte Sullivan discharged to Base Details AIBD, Le Havre.

8th Jun 1918: 2381 Pte Smillie released from prison to re-join unit at the front. Rest of sentence suspended; 2427 Sgt Topliff transferred to 1st Auxiliary Hospital Harefield.

6th Jun 1918: 2412 Pte Smith discharged from hospital to Base Details; 2458 Pte Ellis Returned to Australia on D11 Parambah (old injury right foot).

4th Jun 1918: 2414 Pte Sharples to 4th AFA hospital sick – boils.