WW1 Australian Soldiers & Nurses who rest in the United Kingdom

2015-09-27 15.44.15.jpgCommemorative web project from Cathy Sedgwick recording the final resting place of those Australians that died in the UK during the Great War, with soldier profiles, photographs and grave / memorial pictures. There are nineteen members of the 22nd Battalion that died while in the UK, either as a result of their wounds, illness or accident during training. Click here to search the website.

1049 Corporal BAILLIE, R G

4373 Private BOLLOM, E W

4381 Corporal BRODIE, J D

6177 Private CANHAM, H C

5968 Private COLLETT, J M

4442 Private GILLIN, W M

5018 Private GRATTON, S J

4452 Private HAM, W F

61868 Private HIGGINS, D C

182 2nd Corporal KNELL, E N

6846 Private LAWSON, A

4495 Private MOLONEY, J R

3904 Private PODMORE, J

897 Private SCOTT, G A

6902 Private SHARP, D

4544 Private STURGESS, A

5917 Private THORNELL, E A

5099 Private VIDLER, E G

5109 Private WILSON, J


Published as ‘news’ 100 years on to the day, follow the 22nd Battalion on the project website and via Facebook and Twitter

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