Notebook of Lieutenant Leo Aloysius McCARTIN

Date of enlistment 15th March 1915
Age at enlistment 20
Profession Draper
Town Geelong
Status Single
Rank at enlistment Private
Significant events while with the AIF Served in Gallipoli, Egypt, France and Belgium

Promoted through the ranks to Lieutenant

Seconded to 6th Training Battalion

military-cross-george-v-300x300Wounded in Action – 24th April 1918

Awarded Military Cross

Killed in Action – 18th August 1918

officers-e02585Photograph of Lieut. McCartin, standing 2nd from left, middle row, taken of the 22nd Battalion Officers, at Querrieu on 27th June 1918.

Lieutenant McCartin’s full WW1 service record can be located in the National Archives of Australia. Full details are available online, NAA Series B2455

The following extracts are taken from the notebook of Lieutenant McCartin while serving with the 22nd Battalion in France. The original is stored in the Australian War Memorial research centre in Canberra, and acknowledgement goes to the family of Lieutenant McCartin and the AWM enabling the subsequent publishing within this commemorative project.


Notes taken on reporting back to HQ

When attacking, report to include:

  • The effect of our bombardment
  • State if you can, the place you engage the enemy’s trench – give your unit and strength; how long you remained in enemy’s position and what enemy where there and numbers and name, nature of casualties and number of prisoners taken; booty captured
  • State effect of enemy’s retaliation; our casualties; state number of dugouts, their positions, and what accommodation; if you are struck by machine gun fire from what direction

Information that is always needed behind lines at HQ:

  • Hostile aircraft and time their flight and their type; what action it took and direction it came
  • Flashes
  • Nature of shell and if burst; its displacement; direction from where it came; number sent over
  • Machine Gun positions
  • Snipers
  • Cooking places shown by smoke
  • Dumps
  • Any enemy lines of communication, telephone or visual
  • Any indicators of gas
  • Any light railways
  • Any communication trenches, new earth works
  • Enemy’s movement during a bombardment
  • Working parties
  • Any wire and quantity
  • Any clothing identity, markings on arms or equipment


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